A global demographic study of the BTS ARMY fandom

  • The most recent survey ran from April 1 - May 31, 2022. We surpassed our goal of having more than 500,000 ARMY counted! Thank you to every single ARMY for participating!


    Who is BTS ARMY? The ARMY Census aims to spotlight the diversity that exists in the BTS fandom. There is a need for more comprehensive and updated demographics data to better understand who fans are and where they come from. While previous surveys have been conducted with similar questions, this project is focused primarily on demographics and is translated into more than 30 languages to reach more individuals in as many countries as possible. We know this is a big task, but our hope is that any data captured will nonetheless serve as valuable knowledge, to provide a better understanding of who ARMY really is, especially beyond the stereotypes.

    Are you ARMY?

    BTS fans exist at all levels. Whether you have been a fan since debut or just recently discovered the group, this project aims to be inclusive of all individuals who identify themselves as an ARMY.


    This research project is fan-driven and a collaborative effort. The ARMY Census was started by @amidocumentary, @ResearchBTS (no longer affiliated), and @OWOLMovie (no longer affiliated). Current project members include:

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    Project Lead

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    Project Lead

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    Data Analyst & Website Manager


    What is a census?

    A census is a survey of a specific population.

    Is this survey secure?

    The survey is completely anonymous and does not ask for any personal or identifying information.

    Are there age restrictions for this survey?

    While there are no age restrictions, we do ask that individuals under 18 obtain verbal permission from a parent/guardian as part of protocol.

    What will you do with the data?

    We will update the data on this website to be utilized as a resource. Our team members themselves do not have plans to submit the data for publications. Data will simply be displayed for the public consumption.

    Can I use the data as a source for my own research, paper, article, etc.?

    Of course! We hope that this type of data will serve as a helpful source of information for those who are writing and talking about BTS and ARMY. We simply ask that you let us know when you reference ARMY Census in your work :)


    *We have no control over who cites our data and what they use it for, but we urge those who do to cite it accurately and use our analysis.*

    Are there challenges or limitations in this type of research?

    We understand that a project of this scale poses a few challenges and limitations. It is important that we provide the public with the most accurate data, while also remaining transparent in addressing these issues. Ultimately, this project has the potential to also serve as a guideline and recommendation on how to capture future global demographics.

    • Consistency across countries: We understand that one of the biggest challenges of doing a global demographic survey is maintaining consistency of responses across countries. Questions related to educational status are especially difficult, and this is perhaps why they are rarely done on a worldwide scale. In these cases, there is no "perfect" set of answer options that will cover every single person from each country, nor are there even best recommendations from global entities on how to appropriately set this up. Simply put, there are varying levels of education. In the end, we will be reporting the most significant results in the most appropriate and accurate way.
    • Realistic expectations: We know that it is an incredibly ambitious goal to capture a response from every single ARMY that exists in the world. However, we are confident that with the support of the fandom, we will be able to collect demographics data from at least a significant number of individuals through this ongoing effort and continue to tell a story about them. 
    • Duplicated responses: Although we are relying on the honor system, we have set up our Google Forms to require a Gmail sign-in to limit each ARMY to one response per survey, per account. At the top of each copy of the Census you'll be able to see it says, "[your email] not shared." This means we, as researchers, have no way of viewing participant emails or any other Google Account information. Thus, even though sign-in is required to prevent duplicate responses, all responses on the ARMY Census are fully anonymous. If you have any further questions or concerns, please DM @ARMYCensus on Twitter.
    • Contamination of data: Making a survey like this openly available does invite the potential for contamination of data by those who may not be BTS fans. Our team plans to screen responses regularly in order to flag submissions that seem unusual.

    How can I help with the project?

    The best thing you can do to help is share the ARMY CENSUS project with as many people as you can. It is important that we reach as many ARMYs all over the world through different social media platforms and even by word of mouth. We know that this fandom has the special power to make this happen This is a special project that counts on all of us working together to spread the word <3


    When the ARMY CENSUS is complete and results are out, we also need ARMY's help in disseminating the information and spreading the word.


    Send us an email with your questions, comments, or concerns:

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    @ARMYCensus | #ARMYCensus