Chaviva Grover (@amidocumentary)

    Chaviva Grover is the co-founder of the ARMY Census and is a documentary filmmaker. Her works include the docu-series Always Remember My Yearning, which follows BTS fans before, during, and after BTS' album release in 2018, and Forever Bulletproof, which is an archival documentary following BTS from pre-debut until 2020. She has been an ARMY since 2017 and loves the fandom as much as she loves BTS.

    Roxana Ciocirlea (@OWOL_movie)

    Roxana Ciocirlea is a Psychology graduate from Romania, Europe, an IT Manager, and a continual student of human development. She is fascinated with everything that drives people to want to become better versions of themselves and to that extent she always seeks to draw learnings from every life experience. The 2020 ARMY Census was the first major project she decided to become involved in as part of her presence on Twitter because she realized the necessity of bringing more data to the space of ARMY demographics, and thus shed some true light on the driving force of the fandom. Roxana has been an ARMY since 2019, when she decided to follow through on a YouTube recommended video of BTS and has never looked back since.

    Nicole Santero (@ResearchBTS)

    Nicole is a sociology PhD student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas studying the culture and social structures of BTS ARMY. She has a bachelor's in communication studies and a master's in journalism in media studies. As part of her master's thesis in 2016, she studied the social network structure of the One Direction fandom. Nicole is currently a managing editor and reviewer for The Rhizomatic Revolution Review (R3 Journal), and on top of her dissertation, she is working on a range of research projects with ARMY collaborators focused on themes such as mis/disinformation, mental health, fandom roles, and more. See one of her recent works that was published in collaboration with Stanford and University of Washington titled "Armed in ARMY: A Case Study of How BTS Fans Successfully Collaborated to #MatchAMillion for Black Lives Matter." Nicole has been an ARMY since 2018.