This research project is fan-driven and a collaborative effort. The ARMY Census was started by @amidocumentary, @ResearchBTS (no longer affiliated), and @OWOLMovie (no longer affiliated). Current project members include:

    Chaviva Grover (@amidocumentary)

    Chaviva Grover is the co-founder of the ARMY Census and is a documentary filmmaker. Her works include the docu-series Always Remember My Yearning, which follows BTS fans before, during, and after BTS' album release in 2018, and Forever Bulletproof, which is an archival documentary following BTS from pre-debut until 2020. She has been an ARMY since 2017 and loves the fandom as much as she loves BTS.

    J, Z & S (@BTS_iTunesZA)

    BTS iTunes ZA is an account run by 3 South African women living in 3 Major cities in the country. The account started in 2020 when the 3 met during a buying party for Sweet Night and saw the need of buying parties for BTS to be run by OT7 ARMYs in the Country, instead of it being run by international solo accounts. BTS iTunes ZA is dedicated to charting BTS on South African iTunes, providing tutorials, funds and Apple IDs for iTunes to the South African ARMY. Along with the help of the willing fanbase, BTS iTunes ZA’s main goal is to focus on charting OT7 songs, albums and solo units to No.1 on iTunes and so far they’ve run 20 successful buying parties! After 2 years they are continuing to prepare for every new release and comeback to gain BTS more exposure in Africa and have taken the initiative to join the ARMY Census team to continue their endeavours in reaching out to African ARMY so that all ARMY in Africa can be represented well.

    Kate Ringland (@liltove)

    Kate Ringland, PhD in Informatics from the University of California, Irvine, is an Assistant Professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She is passionate about understanding how communities leverage social media and engage in play to better care for members. She is also a disability advocate and activist inside and outside the ARMY fandom. Kate has been an ARMY since mid-2020, when she fell down the rabbit hole while watching recommended TikTok videos. She has since become an avid advocate for the importance of BTS and their message, as well as ARMY as a fandom.


    Roxana Ciocirlea (@OWOL_movie)

    Roxana Ciocirlea is a Psychology graduate from Romania, Europe, an IT Manager, and a continual student of human development. She is fascinated with everything that drives people to want to become better versions of themselves and to that extent she always seeks to draw learnings from every life experience. The 2020 ARMY Census was the first major project she decided to become involved in as part of her presence on Twitter because she realized the necessity of bringing more data to the space of ARMY demographics, and thus shed some true light on the driving force of the fandom. Roxana has been an ARMY since 2019, when she decided to follow through on a YouTube recommended video of BTS and has never looked back since.