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    The 2022 ARMY Census is the largest fan-driven demographic analysis ever conducted to-date. Between April 1 to May 31, 2022, more than 500,000 BTS fans from around the world responded to the global survey, which aims to continue telling the story of the ever-growing ARMY. This project provides a snapshot of the BTS fandom, while also helping to showcase how fans are far Beyond The Stereotypes placed upon them.


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    The ARMY Census had 16 questions. To ensure the survey was as inclusive as possible, it was translated into 36 different languages with the help of ARMY volunteers. It is important to note that while 500,000+ responses is an incredible sample size, it is still only a snapshot and does not represent 100% of the fandom. Results are merely representative of those who completed the survey, and we know that there are many who did not take the survey or were simply unaware of it while it was open.
    Additionally, our team acknowledges that there is no such thing as a perfect survey, but we do hope to continue improving and enhancing future ARMY Census surveys. We also sincerely appreciate ARMY's patience as they waited for the results of this project.




    Reflecting on the results of the ARMY Census and the general perceptions of fandoms like ARMY, it is important to address the stereotypes placed on them and address what our data reinforces:

    "ARMY is just a bunch of teenagers."

    During the 2020 ARMY Census, roughly 50% of the fandom was below the age of 18 and 50% of the fandom was above the age of 18. In the 2022 Census, we found that nearly 70% of respondents* were over the age of 18 with the largest age cohort being 18-29 year olds. This could mean either that a majority of the new fans since 2020 are older, or it could mean that over the past two years, a large portion of the fandom became legal adults and aged into the 18-29 classification. Either way, the stereotype that ARMY is primarily teenagers is categorically false (according to all of our data). *Edited for clarity.



    "ARMY is made up of a bunch of girls."


    It is no secret that a majority of BTS ARMY are women (97% of our data). The stereotype that BTS fans are women implies that a) BTS fans must be relatively vapid and b) the women who love them must be fanatical people. With ARMY’s participation in UNICEF, Black Lives Matter and other massive international philanthropic efforts (see One In An ARMY's tracking of these efforts), media outlets globally have come to realize that ARMY are powerful, intelligent, and savvy. Therefore, by extension, it is WOMEN who are the driving force behind these undertakings, and they are the driving force of positive change and social good. This is not acknowledged enough. On top of their ability to mobilize in support of BTS and their music, they have used their influence to make a difference in the world. The ability to do this effectively and on a large scale is what makes ARMY different from other fandoms, and if the gender identity of the people doing this is “female,” that should be celebrated, not ridiculed. Female fans are often undermined and underestimated, but it is clear that they deserve respect and credit for leading the way.

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    Below you will find the results of the 2022 ARMY Census. We encourage you to read through the discussion points for each category, which help to provide greater insight and context into the results, their significance, and points of future inquiry . You are welcome to save graphics below and share on social media.
    If you are interested in citing this data for your article or research, please include the appropriate credit to our team members.
    The following is an example for reference:
    Grover, C. [@amidocumentary], J, Z & S [@BTS_iTunesZA], and Ringland, K.E. [@liltove]. July 9, 2022. BTS ARMY CENSUS. https://www.btsarmycensus.com/.
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  • Top 20 Countries, Where does ARMY live (who have taken the survey)? 1 Mexico	104420 18.6% 2 Peru 39821	7.1% 3	Indonesia	38453	6.8% 4	United States	27030	4.8% 5	Argentina	23580	4.2% 6	Colombia	22525	4.0% 7	Brazil	22243	4.0% 8	Russia	19312	3.4% 9	India	17578	3.1% 10	Philippines	17388	3.1% 11	Ecuador	14946	2.7% 12	Chile	14545	2.6% 13	China+HK	14415	2.2% 14	Bolivia	10342	1.8% 15	South Korea	10316	1.8% 16	Guatemala	10288	1.8% 17	Thailand	8711	1.5% 18	Taiwan	8374	1.5% 19	Egypt	6651	1.2% 20	Japan	6308	1.1%

    • The countries highlighted in the graphic above represent top 20 countries in which ARMY respondents currently live in.
    • The data are not fully representative of the global distribution of ARMY. For instance, we know that there is a large number of Korean-ARMYs (as BTS is from South Korea), but Korean respondents only made up 1.8% of the data. We attribute this to the fact that our online presence only reaches so far, and reaching every single fan is a challenging (and nearly impossible) task, so there are likely many fans (in Korea and elsewhere) who never saw our survey.
    • We hope to increase the number of each country’s respondents in future surveys, and ask for all of ARMY's help in spreading the word about future surveys to as many people as possible.
    • That all being said, there’s a point to remember about percentage of a global fandom versus general popularity. Japan clearly loves BTS (they routinely top every major chart there), but Japanese ARMY only represented 1.1% of our sample. Does that mean that BTS are relatively unpopular in Japan as compared to in Mexico? No! ARMY is a global fandom, and Japanese ARMY being 1.1% of the global fandom’s population when Japanese people are 1.6% of the global population. This is the context with which one should understand and interpret our results.

  • When did they become ARMY?  2013	13210	2.35% 2014	15411	2.74% 2015	24432	4.35% 2016	44029	7.83% 2017	67851	12.07% 2018	73540	13.08% 2019	87969	15.65% 2020	134361	23.90% 2021	92968	16.53% 2022	8509	1.51%

    • As you can see from the data above, ARMYs from different eras since before BTS's debut participated in the Census.

  • ARMY Age Demographics, 69.7% of ARMY respondents are adults 18 or older.  Younger Than 18 170379 30.30% 18-29 301566 53.63% 30-39 52333 9.31% 40-49 25270 4.49% 50-59 10316 1.83% Older than 60 2416 0.43%

    • While the 18-and-over demographic makes up nearly 70% of our respondents, the overall results reinforces the fact that ARMY is indeed diverse in age. They range from young people to those above 60 years old (2,416 respondents).

  • Gender Demographics  Female	541096	96.23% Male	7575	1.35% Non-Binary	9998	1.78% Other/Prefer Not To Say	3606	0.64%

    • Some may read the 7,575 number of male fans as insignificant. We do not view these results as such. 7500 is a large number of people, and male ARMY are a valuable part of our fandom. Rather, this finding is indicative to us that we must try to be better with our male outreach in future iterations of the Census. The 2020 Census was 11% male, and we have no explanation for why the data are so different this time around.
    • We were glad that nearly 10,000 non-binary ARMYs were also able to be represented in this survey (up from roughly 3,000 in 2020).

  • 63,837 of ARMY Census respondents have children.


    • We are proud that our findings showcased the thousands of ARMY who are parents. We often hear about the ARMY moms and ARMY dads that exist within the fandom, and in our survey, a little over 63,000 of these ARMY parents were identified. *Edited for clarity.

  • ARMY Education level, 1 out of 3 ARMYs has some form of college degree. Elementary	99324	17.66% High School	157407	27.99% Some coll	68346	12.16% Vocational	30337	5.40% Associate's	20634	3.67% Bachelor's	132528	23.57% Master's	19042	3.39% Professional	30451	5.42% Doctoral	3956	0.70%


    • We asked for the respondent’s highest education level completed. Globally, only 6.7% of the world has some form of college degree, but 33% of more than half a million ARMY we counted have some form of college degree, with nearly 4,000 PhDs accounted for. 
    • With the largest age cohort being 18-29 year olds it follows that then that the largest categories for education received are a high school diploma (27.99%) and a Bachelor’s degree (23.57%).


  • ARMY Employment Status Unemployed/Student 302277	53.76%  Full-time 101853	18.11% Self-Employed 41600	7.40% Unemployed due to Covid-19 8176	1.45% Retired 2593	0.46%

    • During this unique climate amidst the pandemic, it was important to us that we acknowledge those who were unemployed as a result of COVID-19. 
    • To further improve this categorization, future ARMY Census surveys will break this category down even further.

  • Top Industries of Employment 1 Education 2 Healthcare/Public healt 3 Retail 4 Entertainment/Media 5 Arts & Recreation 6 Hospitality / food and beverage 7 Marketing / Communications 8 Finance / insurance 9 Government and Public Administration 10 Computer / Software

    • This data above represents the top 10 industries that ARMYs work in. This does not include those who said they are currently unemployed or are students.
    • What we hope to convey, especially to the general public, is that ARMY is made of everyday people with diverse career fields and from different industries. They may even be your neighbor or coworker.
    • We know that many ARMYs have found ways to take their skills in the real world and implement them into their everyday activities as a part of the fandom. 
    • Based on feedback, responses, and industry resource guides that continue to be updated, we aim to further improve the categorization listings for future ARMY Census surveys.
    • We would like to thank the many essential workers in the fandom who have worked hard to ensure the safety and protection of those around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • Top Social Media Used by ARMY Instagram 507386 90.24% YouTube 483473 85.98% Twitter 443448 78.87% V LIVE 440005 78.25% Weverse 427130 75.96%

    • While this ARMY Census survey was primarily disseminated through Twitter, respondents were asked to select all of the different types of social media platforms they use. Displayed are the top five results.


    As mentioned, this survey is simply a snapshot and only representative of the individuals who completed the survey. We know that there are many who did not take it or were unaware that the ARMY Census project existed before we closed the survey. Capturing the demographics of a global fandom is an enormous challenge, but we are proud of the sample we received for this project. Our goal is to be able to reach even more ARMYs in future surveys so we can compare and continue improving upon these results. This includes finding better ways to reach ARMYs who may not be on Twitter, where the survey was primarily circulated.


    Several points of improvement were mentioned in the results section. Overall, based on the results and feedback, we aim to figure out even more ways to make questions and answers as inclusive, accurate, and representative of the global fandom as possible. Additionally, we hope to include even more questions that help to tell an even greater story of ARMY.


    Other demographic surveys of ARMY and K-pop fans have also been conducted before. You can view them and compare the results here:





    When our team started working on this project in the spring of 2020, we had no idea the type of response we would get through the ARMY Census. To the over 500,000 ARMYs around the world who took the census survey: we are so grateful for your participation.


    This project also would not have been possible without the help of 35+ wonderful translators who volunteered and dedicated their time and effort to ensure that as many people as possible can be included in the survey.

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